How to start

How to start

how to start
             each day

with the world on fire
             to undo the damage
             start anew

sit, quietly
feet planted firmly
spine reaching upward


watch the thoughts come and go
become friends with your self again


or, plunge into the cold, cold sea
             shout loudly
             shout to put the fire out
             shout the rage the outrage
             shock the lungs alive

breathe, or not
             lose all thought
             but the pain and the ecstasy of the cold

the sea, soft as silk

what do you feel curious traveler
what will you do
             to undo the damage in the world
             to undo the damage in your soul

truth be told

truth be told
this meandering life
is imbued with hidden meanings
waiting to be discovered
when we seek them out

the heart keeps beating
the breath is fresh with air
is it the breath or the heart that goes last

shall I come again
and start anew dear friend