To the trees and ferns
Even the low moss
And the little shoots
I can run my fingers up
Like a small string
From an ancient instrument

Silent music
Sweet and tender
Like the mossy knoll 
And wispy ferns

The rustling gale
And the sun
Slipping through dancing branches
To warmly light your face

Bathing in the forest
Is not pure silence
It is as noisy as life
It is life giving

Put as much of your body
As you can on the earth
Lay your head
On the pillowy moss
Soft on top of the hard rock

Cradling your body
Feel the curves and bumps
Of the ground below
See through the forest canopy above
To the endless colorless sky

Just below
The shimmering loch
Dances and sings

Close your eyes
Close your eyes
The earth is there for you
One way or another

Feel the ground below
Let the mossy tendrils
Wind into every opening 
Every pore
Connect to the roots below
And sing your song
To the forest bathing
Your open and ready body